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These are the swords of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), Topkapy museum

These are the swords of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), Topkapy museum

This is the place from where the TOOFAN-E-NOOH started, its in Musjid-e-Koofa, IRAQ

This is the well from which Imam Ali [a] drew water to wash the Prophet's [s] body before burying him. The well is now closed. It is not too far from Salman's garden.

This rock holds 14 camel-hoof-shaped prints supposed to have been left by the she-camel of  Hazrat Prophet Salih (Peace be upon him), and two marks apparently made by Hazrat Salih's rod.

The footprints of Hazrat Ibrahim (Abraham) (Peace be upon him) inside Maqam-e-Ibrahim in Makkah.

The gushing water of Zam Zam. People do not have access to this site any more.

The hair of Allah's Messenger, Muhammad (peace be upon him) safely saved in Topkapy Museum, Turkey

The Mazar of Hazrat Yousuf (AS) is located in the city of Nablus  or Shechem.

The Place were Yazeed Maloon used to sit.

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Sacred_Sandals_Of_Rasul SAWS

The Hair of the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUH

The Mazar of Hazrat Yousuf (Joseph) is located in the city of Nablus  or Shechem.


Shirt of Hussain R.A.T.A

Skeleton of Giant Is Internet Photo Hoax


Stone in the Air in Jerusalem

Stick of Musa AS

Sword of Dawood AS

Rasul's (SAWS) resting place with Abubakr (RA) the Rasul (SAWS) in the middle.

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Mazar Mubarak, Hadhrat Maolana Jalaluddin Rumi, Balkhi (May Allah's blessings upon him) in Konya, Turkey

Mazar Mubarak, Imam-e-Azam Abu Hanifah (May Allah's blessings upon him) in Baghdad, Iraq

Mazar of Hazrat Hafsa (May Allah be pleased with her) in the Bab  al-Saghir Cemetery  south of the old city of Damascus.

Mazar of Hazrat Imam Bukhari (May Allah’s blessings’ upon him) located inside of the large courtyard of the main shrine complex in Bukhara.

Mazar of Hazrat Jafar Ibn Abi Talib (May Allah be pleased with him), the cousin of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) near the city of Mu'tah in southern Jordan.

Mazar of Hazrat Luqman (Peace be upon him) in Baghdad.

Mazar of Hazrat Salman-e-Farsi (May Allah be pleased with him)

Mazar of Hazrat Younus AS (Iraq)

Mazar Sharif of Hazrat Muhammad ibn Ahmad, Abu Hamid al-Tusi al-Ghazzali [Imam al-Ghazali]

Mazarat Mubarak, Hadhrat Junaid Baghdadi and Hadhrat Khwja Sirri Suqti (May Allah's blessings upon them) in Baghdad, Iraq

Mazare Mubarik Hazrat Bibi Amina R.A.T.A

Sandle of Rasul (S.A.W.S)

The Holy 99 names of Allah


Prayer Room of Hazrat Fatima RATA

Prophet Muhammad's (Peace be upon him) letter to Musailma bin Kazzab (Topkapy Museum, Turkey)

Prophet Muhammad's (Peace be upon him) turban, blanket and stick for walk (Topkapy Museum, Turkey)

Rasul's (SAWS)_Bow_And_Arrow

Room (hujra) of Sayyida Fatima al-Zahra, peace be upon her .Pulpit (minbar) of the Holy Prophet [s]

Front and back of a Pulpit (Minbar) banner

Cloth of Rasul SAWS

Quran ate on insects found on an old school (Insects don't cut Quran's any Haraf,Subhan Allah)

Quran_Which_Uthman_Ibn_Affan RATA

Ramses II, The Egyptian King in the era of Prophet Moses (Peace be upon Him).

Riyadhul Jannah, the space between Mazar of Hadhrat Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and his pulpit (minber). This space in Prophet's (Peace be upon him) mosque is a part of Heaven.

Robe_Of_Imam_Abu_Hanifa RA

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1400 years old Quran this is written by Saiyadina Usman ra khilafah. this is written on animal skin..

Hazrat-Bibi-Haleema-outside of Madina

Hazrat-Bibi-Fatima-Zahra (R.A.T.A)



Ayatul Qursi

The Box of Fatima al-Zahra (R.A.T.A)

Cap of Uways Al Quruni

The case and chest for the tooth of Rasul (S.A.W.S)

Cave of Thor(Cave during hidden time of Hizrat with Rasul (S.A.W.S)& Abu Bakkar(R.A.T.A)

Cooking_Vessels_Ibraham (AS)

Cooking_Vessels_Ibraham (AS)

Cooking_Vessels_Ibraham (AS)


Cloth of Fatima al Zahra

Foot print of Rasul (S.A.W.S)

Foot print of Rasul (S.A.W.S)

Grave of Bibi HAWA

Grave of Hamza [R.A.T.A], uncle of the Holy Prophet [S.A.W.S] who was martyred at the Battle of Uhud

Grave of Hazrat Abu Dhar Ghaffari R.A.T.A (sahabi),Syria

Grave of Hazrat Anan Ibn Malik R.A.T.A(sahabi)

Grave of Hazrat Ba Yazeed Bustami RA,syria

Grave of Hazrat Ibrahim AS in Israel

Grave of Hazrat Imam Al Ghazzali RA,Baghdad

Grave of Hazrat Imam Hussain (R.T.A)

Grave of Hazrat Jarjees Wali Allah (Iraq)

Grave of Hazrat Luqman, Baghdad

Grave of Hazrat Lut (A.W.S) Iraq

Grave of Hazrat Mansour Hallaj(Baghdad)

Grave of Hazrat Obai Ibn Ka'ab R.A.T.A(sahabi)syria

Grave of Hazrat Saleh AS

Grave of Hazrat Salman-e-Farsi R.A.T.A(sahabi)syria

Grave of Hazrat Sayyidna Abdul Qadir Jilani RA, Baghdad

Grave of Hazrat Shaikh Ahmed Sherhindi,India

Grave of Hazrat Sheeth AS(Iraq)

Grave of Hazrat Shoaib AS

Grave of hazrat Yahya AS in Syria

Grave of Hazrat Yaqub AS (Palestine)

Grave of Khaza Kutubuddin Bakhtiyar Kaki RA,India

Grave of Sayyidah Zainab R.A.T.A


Grave of Hazrat Ibrahim RA
Son of Rasul (S.A.W.S)


Grave-of-wives-of-Rasul S.A.W.S

Old view of Hajr-e-Aswad

Dua of Hazrat Adam AS

Hazrat Khidr's (AS) Prayer Place (Iraq)

In Jannatul Baqee, Mazarat of the daughters of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), Hazrat Umm-e-Kulthoom, Hazrat Ruqyyah and Hazrat Zainab (May Allah’s peace upon them)

Jabal Rahman

A wallpaper of Zihad

The keys and locks of the Ka'ba

Wooden lock and key for the Grave of Rasul's (S.A.W.S) daughter Fatima (R.A.T.A)

Main gate of mosque syedna Abu Bakar R.A.T.A which was his house.